Constructible is an artist- and family-owned business that specializes in collaborating with other artists, designers, engineers, and contractors to produce products, projects, and exhibitions that are focused on equity, sustainability, and inclusiveness. Constructible brings artists to the forefront of projects and business decisions by providing professional avenues where they can develop their role in an economic sector.



Founding and Origins

Constructible was founded in 2015 by Caleb Lee Bowman when he, along with Lepentis Research & Design, began the first Art in the Park in Kansas Cty, Missouri. The exhibition successfully supported and showcased local artists in Kansas City which is implemented in his business model and tactics to this day.

The origins of Constructible do not begin in 2015, but twenty years ago when Caleb began working for multiple artist studios in New York City taking part in set design, film, photography, metal fabrication and other multimedia. There, he found the uninhibited potential of artists and their dedication to manifesting an idea through any medium which has undeniably made a huge impact in being inclusive, diverse, and talented in a multitude of mediums.  

The Campaign

In this campaign we are promoting the use of eco-friendly materials that are either manufactured or harvested with reclaimed or recycled products, i.e., fallen trees, plastic from the ocean, or recycled paper. Our first eco-friendly designs will be made from reclaimed lumber from local mill, Urban Lumbar, in Kansas City, Missouri and Richlite, made from paper and resin. The early bird perks will be present the designs by local designers in the Kansas City, Missouri area by CBC Designs, Caleb Lee Bowman, Bill Lepentis, and a few others.

The gratefully accepted funds will pay for material costs, tools, and the time to finalize the means of production and prototyping the designs. Please see a detailed projective budget outline here.




Making the switch to eco-friendly materials is costly and an imperative step that we feel other design and construction companies should make toward an eco-friendly economy. The use of these materials will not only promote its effectiveness in the environment, but also the durability of reclaimed materials. This is particularly important because the use of eco-friendly materials is not accessible for all people in the design and construction industries, and we feel that it is imperative that these materials be accessible not just for the elite, but for everyone. So we need your help.


The Logic of Sustainability

As a sustainable company we implement systems that play a part in benefiting not only people who are a part of our business, but those who are outside of us. We make and design pieces that are meant to last a lifetime, but are also used from resources that effect the longevity of our planet and our own lives. Construction materials are often toxic and the ways that we use them in the shop and in installation is a vital part to the way that we think about the environment around us. By using materials that are less toxic and utilizing cleaning methods that promote respiratory health we aspire to change the way that normal design companies and construction sites are run. We want to use stains and finishing oils that take less of a toll on our bodies and are home-friendly over time. We want to use materials that are made from recycled materials instead of ones that are particularly wasteful of our environment.

We also promote the equal pay of artists and what it means to provide linear career avenues for each individual artist. The artists who join our team want to take part in curating exhibitions, art consultations, prototyping and design. They also take part in making the actual products that local designers come to us to make. They take away skills to either profit as an artist or leadership skills to curate their own projects.

However, all of this takes time and money which we need your help with. The eco-friendly material costs are exponentially larger than materials that you can get at Home Depot, Lowes, or other common home improvement stores. Therefore, we are looking for $100,000 to cover the material, tools, and labor costs for all of our products and the initial amount of prototyping hours that will go into them. All of our designs are made from real artists and designers that are looking to make a change in how we use materials. If our goal runs short, they will still benefit the material costs.


Our perks include:


Designs from CBC—a collaboration between brothers Caleb Lee Bowman and Charles Burkhardt begun in 2019.

          The Partiboard with CBC knives




          The Partiboard without knives


Designs from Caleb Lee Bowman- Owner of Constructible; New York, Santa Fe, and Kansas City artist.

          Interactive Boat Sculpture



Designs from Bill Lepentis

          The Talia Chair




The Impact

We believe that the difference between having a successful campaign versus one that isn’t, is a matter of supply and demand—to get the world buying more sustainable products to drive the cost down and the costs for other non-ecofriendly materials up. Even though we are small, we believe that making this change in design and construction is imperative for the well-being of the planet and to get others to do it as well.

Our business model thrives off of sustainable methods by creating more ethical economic sectors that influence artists lives as well as the environment. Our goal is to provide a real model of sustainability and cultural influence in our world. Over the course of the campaign and receiving the funds, you will see how your contributions effect our mission as a company and in the world on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Risks & Challenges

The risks for this project are very low. We have already put numerous hours in detailing the model, and the other prototypes that we have made. We are skilled builders and designers who overcome barriers and challenges all the time. When it comes to experimenting and using new materials for prototyping, we are accustomed to brainstorming ideas and materials in order for an idea to work.

We are preparing ourselves for trouble shooting issues that could happen when making the autoCAD files for the CNC milling machine and the first few models that we are proposing.

From these obstacles our primary goals are:

  1. Perfect and troubleshoot the CBC Partiboard design with the new eco-friendly materials.

  2. Assemble all the parts successfully from the CNC cut pieces.

  3. Ensure safety of the entire product with the knives that the cutting board comes with.

  4. Apply this process to our other designs.


Other Ways You Can Help

Other ways you can help is to spread the word about us and our mission. Share the link! Or hire us for another completely different remodeling project. Do you have a design and need someone to make it? We love consulting with other home-owners, designers, and exhibitions curators.