Constructible is an artist- and family-owned business that specializes in collaborating with other artists, designers, engineers, and contractors to produce small structures, projects, and exhibitions centered around genuine culture change and community growth.

Who we are

Constructible Inc. is comprised of talented and dedicated individuals who adhere to high expectations through the artistic process, and who have made careers in residential remodeling, making cabinetry, and metal fabrication.  

The inspiration for Constructible Inc. came from Kansas City’s Arts Convergence Plan that researched, studied, and identified an innovative role for the City in arts and culture and a viable economic strategy. The Arts Convergence Plan addresses the desires of many individual artists and leaders in the arts community to be included and acknowledged in civic leadership and engaged citizenry. Constructible Inc. recognizes the importance of arts and culture and its role in a commercial creative sector in a local industry where it can supply jobs that create revenue in Kansas City. We want to be seen as part of the greater cultural ecology of Kansas City as an arts-related business because arts-related businesses and creative industries in Jackson County alone represent 5.03% share of all businesses, which is double the national average of 2.54%. This is significantly higher when compared to counties on virtually all demographic and socioeconomic measures.

Observing the potential in Kansas City, we embark on our role in the commercial creative sector in a local industry, providing greater avenues for the future economic, social, and cultural development of Kansas City. We provide new job opportunities, with livable wages, for attaining higher aptitudes in arts-related and craft-driven trades, and we cultivate individual career paths.