Constructible Inc. is an artist driven design-build business whose services revolve around custom projects such as kitchens, decks, and bathrooms.


Constructible is composed of designers and builders who solve problems and breech the limits of the physical world through three-dimensional design in multiple disciplines.  Through it, we create seemingly impossible ideas and find the paths to get there by gathering creativity and processes from everything around us from which we create our own philosophies, processes, and doctrines that are emitted from our designs and used in our daily lives.

As designers and builders we are multidisciplinary—not truncating other schools of thought in order to achieve one goal or another. As collaborators, thinkers, and problem solvers, we’ve discovered that design is fluid and the physical world is malleable.


Caleb Lee Bowman


(347) 210-2026


Megan Bryde


(816) 868-2727

Constructible Inc. is a family and artist-owned business that collaborates with artists, designers, and engineers to produce small structures, projects, and exhibitions.

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Located in Kansas City, Missouri

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.